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DVD: Gold and Brimstone: John Lewis Dyer and the Colorado Gold Rush

In May of 1861 John Lewis Dyer, a middle-aged minister and prospector from the upper midwest, sold most of his worldly belongings and headed west. A taste for adventure and the desire to see the Rocky Mountains before an eye condition caused blindness, prompted the journey. What started as a short trip before retirement turned into the rest of his life as Father Dyer found his destiny on the slopes of these magnificent mountains, leaving a lasting impression on the gold towns of Breckenridge, Leadville, Fariplay, and others. His is the story of frontier America, from the upper-midwest in the early 1800's to the settling of the Rocky Mountains in the last half of the nineteenth century. A story of gold and brimstone. 

Running time 93:52

Produced and Directed by James A. Spear, Jr.
Music by Mark Jeffery
Narrated by Terry Hartstook

(c) 2008 AllSmiles Film and Video