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BOOK: They Weren't All Prostitutes and Gamblers: The Women of Summit County from 1859 to the Turn of Century

They Weren't All Prostitutes and Gamblers tells the story of the women who lived in Summit County, Colorado, from 1860 until the early years of the twentieth century. It explores their role in shaping the cultural landscape during that time, explains why they came to the gold mining region despite stark living conditions, and analyzes the economic opportunities that were available to them.

Dr. Mather's research for They Weren't All Prostitutes and Gamblers is augmented by newspaper accounts, personal diaries, national and Colorado census data, photographs from the Summit Historical Society archives, and early maps of the county. 

Written by Sandra F. Mather, PhD.

(c) Sandra F. Mather

Published by the Summit Historical Society in Breckenridge, Colorado