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DVD: The Golden Stories of Breckenridge: Peaks on the Past

Celebrating 150 years of Breckenridge history from the first gold strive to the introduction of skiing. On August 10, 1859 gold was discovered in the Blue River and the rush was on to cross the Continental Divide and strike it rich in the Colorado mountains. The mining would prove to be challenging enough let alone the added burden of extreme terrain, climate, and altitude.

Peaks on the Past provides some intriguing insights into some of the most memorable stories that shaped the colorful history of Breckenridge including the train over the High Line, the great snowstorm of 1898-99, and the introduction of skiing. The documentary also features rare footage of dredge boat mining and new information about how the town came to be named Breckenridge. 

Peaks on the Past is the seventh title in The Golden Stories of Breckenridge series. This documentary features commentary by a prominent group of Summit County historians including Sandie Mather, Bill Fountain, Robin Theobald, Rebecca Waugh, Maureen Nicholls, Mary Ellen Gilliland and Rick Hague.

Running time 47 minutes

Produced and edited by Wendy Wolfe
Storytelling by Maryann Rowley

(c) 2009 Town of Breckenridge